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Java Feature Flag Resources/Solutions

LaunchDarkly Java Feature Flag SDK – LaunchDarkly

  • An installable feature flag software development kit for Java apps.  This SDK harnesses the LaunchDarkly app and allows you to target users and manage rollouts.  Feature flags are evaluated in microseconds.
  • Main Website
  • GitHub Repo

Togglz – Christian Kaltepoth

  • “Togglz is an implementation of the Feature Toggles pattern for Java. Feature Toggles are a very common agile development practices in the context of continuous deployment and delivery. The basic idea is to associate a toggle with each new feature you are working on. This allows you to enable or disable these features at application runtime, even for individual users.”
  • GitHub Repo

FF4J – Cédrick Lunven

  • “Feature Toggle is the capability for an application, a system or a product to enable and/or disable features through configuration (files, databases,…) and possibly at runtime. FF4J, stands as Feature Flipping for Java, is an implementation of this pattern for the Java platform.”
  • GitHub Repo

Flip – Petric Coroli

  • “Flip makes it simple to use Feature Toggle, (also known as Feature Flags, Feature Bits, Feature Switches, etc) in your Java application. Feature toggles can be used for many purposes, including: Reducing the need to branch by feature in your source control system by having all work done on the main code line. Features that are not ready for production can simply be disabled. New features can be rolled out to a subset of users (e.g. by group membership, canary testing, etc) Should a feature become problematic, we can turn it off without requiring a build and deploy.”
  • GitHub Repo

Unleash – Unleash

  • “Unleash is a feature toggle system, that gives you a great overview over all feature toggles across all your applications and services.The main motivation for doing feature toggling is to decouple the process for deploying code to production and releasing new features. This helps reducing risk, and allow us to easily manage which features to enable”
  • GitHub Repo
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