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LaunchDarkly Ruby Feature Flag SDK – LaunchDarkly

  • An installable feature flag software development kit for Ruby and Ruby on Rails apps.  This SDK harnesses the LaunchDarkly app and allows you to target users and manage rollouts.  Feature flags are evaluated in microseconds.
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  • LD Client

The Rollout Gem – Leonard Garvey Reinteractive

Feature Flipper – Florian Munz

  • FeatureFlipper is a simple library that allows you to restrict certain blocks of code to certain environments. This is mainly useful in projects where you deploy your application from HEAD and don’t use branches.

Flip – Paul Annesley

  • Flip provides a declarative, layered way of enabling and disabling application functionality at run-time.

Setler – Chris Kelly

  • Setler is a Gem that lets one easily implement the “Feature Flags” pattern, or add settings to individual models. This is a cleanroom implementation of what the ‘rails-settings’ gem does. It’s been forked all over the place, and my favorite version of it doesn’t have any tests and doesn’t work with settings associated with models.

Switches – John Pignata

  • A gem that manages features switches in an application. Feature switches are dynamically configured. They can be turned on, on to a percentage of actors, on to a specific group of actors, or off without a code deploy. There are some excellent and mature projects that provide this functionality already: rollout and flipper.

Fluid Features – Phil Whelan

  • gem fluidfeatures-rails is a Ruby on Rails client for the API of, which provides an elegant way to wrap new code so you have real-time control over rolling out new features to your user-base.

Chili – Jens Balvig

  • “Have you ever wanted to test out a new feature on only a subset of users? Did that implementation end up being lots of if/else statements embedded in the main code? If so, Chili can help.   Chili is built on top of Rails Engines and Deface and allows you to conditionally add new/modify existing views, while leaving the main code untouched.”

Simple Feature Flags – Jay Stakelon

  • “Selectively rolling out new bits of an app using feature flags isn’t exactly a new idea. But being reminded of it during the keynote preceding the overall awesomeness of Heroku’s developer conference last week, right in the midst of my work adding more and more faster and faster to Fullscreen’s products, made me think that it was high time we got something like this hooked up.”

Rails Feature Flags – ClearCove Software, Inc.

A simple feature toggle for a Rails app – Szymon Fiedler

  • “You’ve probably heard before about feature toggle. Theory looks fine on the paper, but you’re possibly wondering how to implement such feature in your Rails app.”

Bandiera – Springer Nature

  • “Bandiera is a simple, stand-alone feature flagging service that is not tied to any existing web framework or language as all communication is via a simple REST API. It also has a simple web interface for setting up and configuring flags.”
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